Inspired by my Scotland Fiber Trip New Shawls

Tarten Factory

Based on the Clan Tartans

Colors used for inspiration.

Victoria’s “Black Watch” Shawl

Much better in person, one of my best sought after.

Color is black with the green and blue splatters. As with all shawls that I make, the wool is grown here at the ranch. It is either natural, or dyed here. I blend the colors for the desired outcome, I then hand spin the wool,, hand weave the shawl. These shawls are 100% Wool unless specifically noted. (NOTE: I DO MAKE AN “OUTLANDER” SIMILAR SHAWL, BUT IT IS MADE ON A TRI lOOM I DO NOT claim it to be what others due…. nor do I charge $500 for it. Using images from the TV show is not allowed by law.