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Victoria's Mountain Wool Socks

Single Pair Wool Socks

Size 9-11 513.00   SOLD OUT CURRENTLY

Size :

Size 11-13 $14.00

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Customer feedback has been hearth warming, “best wool socks I ever bought.”  ” I need another pair,…NOW!”   “I wear your wool socks over a thing pair of cotton for absorption and never have a problem with chafing or blister while hiking.  Thanks.”

I am happy that everyone has such good things to say.  My socks are made from the wool we raise, as our all our products.  It is spun specifically for the socks with 10% nylon added for stretch and durability and then woven.

Two sizes are offered.  Large is 11-13 fits most men and is a light brown currently.  The smaller size if 9-11,  //SOLD OUT// a charcoal gray that fits smaller feet.  Colors change from year to year as does the color of the fleeces.


These socks are light weight and durable.  I have put them in the washer,  HOWEVER……..,  I do NOT recommend that.  Wash and rinse, squeezing gently,  hang or lie flat to dry.