Wool Hats


she is ready for this years Snow, Rain & ??  Are You?


Bobs Ragg Wool Hats in 2 different color choices.

Dark or Light Brown variegated with natural white.  Colors are natural not dyed.  100% Rambouillet Wool. Made from Wool Raised, Spun and knitted here on the farm by myself.  Supply is limited order in plenty of time of Christmas, (DEC 1 deadline suggested).  These hats are traditional style rowed top to bottom, warm and stay on in the wind.



The OTHER Hats:

I can make hats from any of the blends of wool and angora, alpaca or silk.  Color would be natural on those.  Special Order Form.

But the Other  Wool hats can be made in any color or combination that you see on the web site yarns.  Other will have a ribbed edge and straight knit thru the body of the hat.   These are more utilitarian in nature.  Designed in the old fashion Ragg Wool Hat tradition.  Designed for warmth, and keeping the head dry, by wicking out moisture.  In the winter months I would recommend ordering asap.  Again Use the Special Order Form.  Email me your request for cost and time line!


Victoria’s Mountain Caps: Any color: $22.00

Ribbed edge,  again the main body is straight knitted.  But of course will be  made to cover the ears.
All knitted by hand from my wool as are our Ragg Wool Hats.
Both the Ragg Wool Hats and Mountain Caps are for either sex.

Green/White|Olive Green/White|Blue/White|Red/White|Natural Cream Ifyou would prefer one custom made with the same colors as the Ragg Wool Hat  let me know.

Green Knitted Hat

Special Order alternative hunter cap.  Safety Green  $15

Traditional Ragg Wool Hats:   Any color: $28.00
Hats are available in all colors shown in the caps, the difference being the hats are made with a large turn up, or down, brim. Because they are completely ribbed, they are slightly heavier than the caps. Deep winter style.


Choose Color Type :
Light brown Ragg Wool

Light brown Ragg Wool


Traditional Ragg wool Dark

Traditional Ragg Wool Dark

Tri Color Standard Hat

Tri Color Standard Hat

All hats are a hand knitted single row rib. They can be made larger or smaller. They should be washed with warm soap, squeezed gently, rinsed the same way and laid flat to dry. Remember wool doesn’t shrink. It felts from using agitation! There are always exceptions. Example: Husband running over hat into mud and throwing it in the washer. Didn’t seem to bother it, but don’t this at home!